Heather Elizabeth Greaves

27 Years Old

March 29, 1977 to March 25, 2005

Heather was full of life. She would look for the good in everyone. She stayed home to raise her two beautiful little girls. Her favorite holidays were St. Patty’s Day and Christmas. She leaves behind a daughter named Melody.


She just met a guy that she had started dating. Her friend got jealous, because she wouldn’t date him. So John C. Eichinger, whose father was put in hospice, decided to take her life. So he drove to the house, not expecting anyone else to be there and when he saw Lisa’s car he drove around a while. He then decided he might as well get it over with. He went in, got Heather 16 times.

He was found guilty of 3 murders that he did on Good Friday 3-25-05 and 1 Life Sentence for a murder 6 years before this. He is sentenced to death. He is in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

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