H. Gregory Jukiewicz
19 Years Old

August 6, 1975 to November 26, 1994

Greg was the youngest of our three children. Although born in Kokomo, Indiana, we moved to Denver, Colorado before he was a year old. He was very intelligent, with an easy smile and compassion beyond compare. At an early age, he had difficulties with dyslexia, and hyperactivity. Fortunately, by the time when most enter the dreaded "teenage years", he had discovered his talents. He could express all his lover and angst through his music or his drawings. He dropped out of Montbello High, got his GED, and then attended the University of Northern Colorado for his music. He was so proud the day he was chosen to play classical guitar with the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra! Professionals had acknowledged what we already knew - he was a truly gifted and talented musician.

1994 was a hard year for the family. Greg's Grandmother had died in February. So for mother's day, he built a grotto for her Virgin Mary statue in my garden. He was now working as a mechanic to earn a living, had just purchased his "baby", a 1965 Fury, and in October, when his sister Lisa got married, moved into his own apartment. 1994 was the first Thanksgiving we celebrated in three years (his aunt had died of cancer in November of 1991 and his Grandmother was in the hospital in 1993). Although it had its sad moments, it was a wonderful day. Greg had brought his girlfriend Linda to meet the family for the first time. He had just gotten a better job as a mechanic at a car dealership and his band had several bookings! It was a very good day.


On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Greg had to work. He had spent part of the afternoon with a customer, even showing off his car, which was parked on Ulster, across the street from Wendy's on Colfax. At a little before 6 pm, he went into the office, got his paycheck and permission to leave a bit early so he could make his car payment. Only the murderers know for certain what happened in the next 7 minutes. We know he started his car, brushed the light snow off, and encountered 2 black men. One had a .9 mm gun.

At 6:04 pm., the police received a 911 call from the woman at the order window of Wendy's, saying, "A man has just been shot". By the time the manager got outside to Greg's car, he was already dead. One bullet in his side, one through his elbow, and one through the back of his head. There were numerous other bullet holes in the car. A woman in the drive-through chased the assailants down the street, through a boat yard, and then they ran into a park. The next day, the police in Aurora received the gun from some children who had been playing in the park. The police in both Aurora and Denver have followed hundreds of leads and tips. We have posted a $5,000.00 reward and Crime Stoppers will issue a reward for any information leading to the murderers. But for now they still remain at large.

Each year that passes is a little easier in some ways: time does help you learn to cope with unbearable things. Yet, all of the unanswered questions, and the fears, because we know the murderers are still loose on the streets, make each year harder.

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H. Gregory Jukiewicz