Gregory Christian Campbell
22 Years Old

May 30, 1984 to August 21, 2006

Greg loved life! His two dogs, (he rescued) Chelsea and Dozer and especially his family! Greg was intuitive, caring, sensitive to others needs and very loving! Greg was very close to his sister Michelle and now Michelle suffers dearly...the loss of her best friend can this be? Greg’s niece Lynette still asks for Greg and then she will say he is in heaven-she was only three and still wonder…Greg was so loving! The last things Greg did...jet skiing with his sister, going to the beach with our family, the water park, and the boardwalk. Greg was a natural at sports and had a dynamic personality! He was kind hearted, generous, and helped others! Greg loved the beach, especially surfing and jet skiing! He enjoyed the water parks, boardwalks, and amusement parks! He loved to travel and wanted to see the world. His favorite food was crab legs, his favorite spot—a camp chair that was located on the front porch, near the door. This was Greg’s quiet time...lost in thought...never written down...words unspoken...still the memories are embedded in our hearts forever...still listening to the waves that washed away the picture Greg drew….a heart written in sand saying, “I love my Mom” long ago...written in my heart forever! Greg was also artistic. He made a beautiful planter we keep in the kitchen engraved “MOM” and he also made a wooden bench we keep in the living-room for all to see! Greg was just starting to look into colleges...we were just ready to activate vacation packages-to travel all over the world...ready to put our will in place and getting health insurance...then it all ended...I can no longer work full time...Ramada Corp. was kind and gave our money back...the will continues to go undone...and what is worse...much worse...Greg had his college opportunities and the rest of his life taken away. Our dear, dear son never knew violence and neither did we...until that dreadful night! How could anyone die like that...especially dear Greg!


Greg was executed by the Philadelphia cops...they fired over 50 shots...dear Greg took 28 bullets. They are not worth mentioning except to let the world know they are armed and dangerous: Frank Luca, Wm. Schlosser, Brian Williams, Michael Trask, and James Crown—Luca and his wife are suing Greg’s estate and an insurance company—they think they will be getting a million dollars plus—it will be over our dead bodies!

When Greg’s story came out in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Fox News...other victims contacted us with similar stories. Bob Moran ran articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer beginning in January 2007. Our son was the last person executed in 2006, but the killings continued until six months ago. Thirteen cops beating up one person….this was caught on film by the news media, for all the world to see.

We are taking on the city of Philadelphia and now with new lawyers we are finally moving forward. As of now, Greg’s case is in discovery. Hopefully, within the next two years we will get as much justice as we can, just short of bringing Greg home! The truth will prevail!

We know our son was killed because someone said…? Greg had just gotten back from Duke University, where he helped a friend move into her apartment. When Greg came home, a person he knew from high school got accepted to Temple University. She invited Greg to see her dorm...he was happy for off they went...unfortunately she had ulterior-motives...and now our dear son Greg is gone...because she said…?

There are no words...just our broken hearts, trying to keep Greg alive...we thank you dearly, our dear and special friends from POMC!

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Gregory Campbell