Gary Douglas McElya
50 Years Old

March 21, 1948 to August 25, 1998

Gary was a very good, very helpful person to everyone he met. He was a very hard worker, a very good and thoughtful and loving husband. A strict, but gentle father. He loved animals - big dogs, especially. He loved to camp, fish, canoe, and hunt. He was in the Army and received a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. He was in Vietnam and was shot twice over there. He loved the lake, boats - he did construction most of his life, from the top - roofing, to the bottom - foundations, and about everything in-between. He could do and fix anything. He had three children - a son, Shane, 27, a daughter, Vicki, 21, and a step-daughter, Jenny, 16. He liked his beer, his truck, had a lot of friends. We all love and miss him.


On August 25th, 1998, my husband Gary McElya was shot in the head in a road rage right in front of me. I was in the truck when it happened. They found the people three weeks later. The driver, the killer's girlfriend, got off because she was a witness. Mr. Kenneth Green, the killer, confessed, went to trial and was convicted of second degree felony murder. He got 15 years for the second degree murder, 5 years for felony, carrying a concealed weapon.

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Gary McElya