Frank Thomas Olivieri
26 Years Old

July 23, 1969 to July 27, 1995

Frank Thomas Olivieri of Dix Hills, New York was the youngest and only son born to Frank and Madeline. He has two sisters, Angela and Christine. He has two nieces, Kaithlin and Samantha. Frank graduated high school, earning letters in track and field. He went on to become an accomplished baker and cake decorator in our family owned and run bakery. He also taught aerobics for Bally's. Frank's smile and laughter were contagious. He came into a room and immediately the room became filled with his presence. He loved life. He would try everything irregardless of failure. He was a loving, kind, and respectful human being. He was a "one in a million" son and friend. He believed in old traditions and family meant the most to him. Frank touched people. His touch will forever be felt although physically he is gone, his spirit lives on.


Frank's murder has been solved. All three murderers are first time offenders. One is serving 15 years to life, the other two are serving 25 years to life.

Frank Thomas Olivieri was murdered on the night of July 27, 1995, four days after his 26th birthday. Frank went to his ex-girlfriends apartment to pick up their cat. She had arranged for her two foster brothers to ambush Frank. They fractured his skull with a metal bat, beat him up and robbed him of sixteen dollars. They left and his ex-girlfriend came out, poured a quart of gasoline and lighter fluid mixture on Frank. She then set Frank on fire to burn to death.

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Frank Olivieri