Felicia Ruiz
17 Years Old

January 9, 1982 to October 30, 1999

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Felicia Ruiz was born in Houston on January 9, 1982 and passed away on October 30, 1999 at the age of 17. We will remember her forever. We named her Felicia which means Happiness and that is exactly what she gave us. But from the minute she was born we always called her Mommie. She was always a happy child and she loved her Barbies, her collection of erasers and she loved to build things with her legos. She loved school and she loved animals. Her favorite was her cat named George. Felicia used to talk about becoming a teacher when she grew up. In middle school she had lots of friends and was on the honor roll and was a mentor at her school. She did well in high school and was getting ready to graduate when her young life was taken away from her. She went from a chubby little girl to a beautiful young lady. She had a big heart and a smile that could light up any room. She was always there for her family and friends and she was a daughter any parent would be proud of. She loved music, especially the oldies goldies and country and western. She planned to graduate and decided to become an untrasound technician. She would have been good at this because she had a personality and a demeanor about her that would put anyone at ease. She was a dark haired beauty with sparkling gold eyes. She loved her brother Jason very much. He was her Bubble when she was little and as she got older she called him Jay. There was never a day that went by that she always told her Dad and I how much she loved us. To all her friends I, her mom, was her Carebear. She was a good daughter. Always loving and caring in everything she did. Our home was alive with happiness, music and love and then on October 30, 1999 she was brutally murdered. We love her and miss her so much that some days we feel like we won’t be able to make it another day. She was our heart and soul and life without her it is almost unbearable. How we long to hear the words I love you Mom, I love you Dad and see that beautiful smile one more time. She loved her Grannie and Grandma so much. Felicia would be 25 years old had she lived. And what a beautiful angel in Heaven she must be. She loved red roses, music, her family, animals and she loved to walk down the mall arm in arm with her Dad window shopping. He was so proud of her. She never got to graduate, get her license, her first job, know what it would be like to fall in love, get married, have her Dad walk her down the aisle or know what it is like to become a mom. All these things were taken away from her and us. So to our beautiful daughter Felicia this poem is to you with love. (Do Roses Grow In Heaven) Do roses grow in Heaven Lord, perfect in everyway? Is there a pretty Red One, that you could pick today? We’d like it for our daughter, that joined you in Heaven on high. Would you give her a note, but please don’t tell her that we cried. Red was her favorite Rose, she gave to me with a kiss. I can still smell the fragrance, as I sit here and reminisce. Our hearts get weary Lord, for we miss her very much. If only for a moment, we could feel her touch. Remembering her love is easy, as we do everyday. But our hearts still have an ache that will never go away. So if you have some Roses, please save a Red one for her and me and please tell our daughter we’re still loving her, you see. Please Lord do this for us three. We love and miss you so much Mommie. Loving and missing you always Dad, Mom and Jason


Our daughter Felicia was brutally murdered on October 30, 1999. Felicia went to her little part time job at KFC and she called me at work and told me to pick her up at 11:00. She said she was going to go with her brother to Jessica’s house for a Halloween party. Her Dad and I went to pick her up and she told us she had received a call from a friend she knew from school named Jesus Salazar and that he had invited her to a Halloween party and that all the kids were going to be there. At first we didn’t want her to go because it was already late and we wanted her to go with her brother. But she said she really wanted to go and since Felicia never gave us any reason not to trust her we told her ok, but she could only go for about an hour or an hour and a half. She said ok. She told us Jesus was going to pick her up. We had just walked in the door when the phone rang. About 5 or 10 minutes later a car pulled up in front of the house. Felicia told us Mom, Dad he’s here. I walked out to the car with her and as we were walking down the driveway I stopped and said Mommie are you going to be ok and she said I’ll be fine mom. I asked her if she had money on her in case of an emergency and she showed me the money she had. I hugged her and we walked on down the driveway. I told Salazar to have her back in an hour or hour and a half , he never turned and looked at me, he just nodded his head and I said do you understand me and he still just nodded. I should have stopped her from going then, I don’t know what I was thinking, she went to get in the car and she raised back up and looked at me and said I love you mom and I told her I love you too Mommie and she got back into the back seat and I heard her say what’s up and the door closed and she drove off into the night and that was the last time I saw her alive. I stayed up waiting for her to come home and she never did. I woke her Dad up about three and told him Felicia hasn’t come home yet. She would always come home on time and if she was going to be late she always called. Her Dad and I drove the neighborhood and called around but no one had seen her. Lou had to go to work at 5 because there was no one else to take his place and after he got to work he was calling home every hour on the hour wanting to know if she was home yet. After staying up all night worrying, pacing, looking, crying and smoking myself to death the dawn finally came and she still wasn’t home. When her Dad came home from work he walked in the door and said call missing persons. We called and reported her missing and gave them a description of her. Around 6pm my mom called and told us to watch the news that they had found a young girl’s body in a field. We watched it but they said the girl lived in the apartments behind the field they found her in so as sad as it was we were so relieved and said ok that’s not her. We watched the report and saw the detectives standing over her body and them taking her off in a body bag not knowing at that point we were looking at our own daughter. About 2 hours later the phone rang and missing persons said they think they found her and to stay by the phone and I still would not let myself go anywhere near the fact that she might be dead. All I could think of was thank God she’s coming home. But about an hour later a car pulled into the driveway and as soon as Felicia’s Dad looked out the window and saw them he knew. He opened the door and I don’t remember much after that. It was like your in a daze and you can’t seem to feel yourself and you feel like someone ripped away your heart and your sanity. There is no way to describe the feeling when the homicide detectives come to tell you your beautiful girl was found murdered in a field. Felicia was murdered about an hour after she left home. There was never a Halloween party at all. She was ambushed, beaten and stabbed to death. The homicide detectives said she never saw it coming. She was walking with Salazar talking and as they entered the area where the party was supposed to be. Salazar stepped back and Felicia never saw it coming. He sucker punched her and they said he hit her so hard her feet flew up in the air. She landed in a fetal position and when she came to Lisa Huerta, Jesus Salazar and Jay Luis Farrel were already on top of her and Huerta was cutting her throat and they all held her down and bat and stabbed her over 39 times all because Lisa Huerta was jealous of Felicia and because Felicia refused to join the Latin Kings gang that Huerta and Salazar claimed to be in they decided to murder her. She fought hard for her life but there was just too many of them. She never had a chance. Lisa Huerta did a plea bargain for 30 years and was never in the Latin Kings but only claimed it. Jay Luis Farrel got 20 years for his part. He never knew Felicia, never laid eyes on her until the night he helped murder her. He said he owed Salazar a favor. He was a punk claiming to be a 43rd street crypt. Jesus Salazar, we found out had been in the US since he was 4 years old, spoke good English but no one knew he was an illegal alien, a Venezuelan National. He left the country with the help of his mother Stella Rosa Salazar and went to be with his father in Venezuela, knowing the US could not go over there and get him since there is no extradition from Venezuela. He has been hiding there for the last 8 years.

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Felicia Ruiz