Eric J. Alsheimer
22 Years Old

June 27, 1968 to December 4, 1990

No mother could have been prouder to have such a son as Eric. He had a quick wit and an engaging personality. He loved his family and our family gatherings have a huge void. Where is our Eric to laugh and joke with? He was very close to his sisters, Melissa and Becki, and brother, Alex. Eric was 11 years old when Alex was born and delighted to finally have a brother. At Alex's christening, Eric served as his Godfather. Every Mother's Day, Eric bought flowers from the both of them. I miss that vase of flowers and how I miss my Eric!

As a child, some of his greatest pleasures were boy scouts, basketball, Pop-warner football and little league baseball. He was a catcher and on the All-Stars team.

Eric was born and raised in New Hartford, New York and attended New York Mills School - a small town school, where he made close and cherished friends, friends who will only hear Eric's laughter in memories. He was robbed of experiencing the joy of marriage and fatherhood - and how he loved little children, especially his nephews, Jeffrey and Joey. He would have loved his nieces, Morgan and Alexis, had he lived to meet them.

As an adult, Eric had a lot of interests - his motorcycle, heavy metal music, skiing, and fishing, to name a few. He followed in his deceased father's footsteps (J. Parry Alsheimer, died in 1984) in Auto Body Repair, and was very gifted. Eric was two days shy of opening his own shop.

Eric sends remarkable signs letting me know he is "safely home" - shortly after he died, a friend told me to get a bird feeder as it would be restful and helpful to me. I installed the feeder, filled it with seed and waited. A week went by and no birds came. Finally, after a week, I asked, "Please Eric, could you send a bird or two? This is supposed to help me," and left the room. Fifteen minutes later, I re-entered the room to find a beautiful bright red Cardinal sitting on that feeder looking directly at me! It flew away, and along came lovely chickadees and finches that kept that feeder busy. No sign of that Cardinal, not until Easter Sunday morning did that bird appear, and he also came on my birthday and Mother's Day - never in-between! That first year, the Cardinal only came on special occasions. Now, if I'm down or something special is happening, like Melissa's wedding, the Cardinal appears! Eric also gave me a plant only days before he died, and that plant now blooms wonderful red flowers (red must have been Eric's color). On what would have been Eric's 25th birthday, exactly 25 blooms appeared. This Valentine's Day, the Cardinal came and the plant bloomed! I know it is a sign from Eric that he is safe in a place bright and beautiful.


On a snowy night, December 3, 1990, Eric left home with an "I Love You" and went off to join friends in Utica, New York to watch Monday Night Football, drink beer, eat pizza and chicken wings and enjoy the game. It was a special game - Eric's favorite team, the San Francisco 49'ers were playing. Around 1:00 am, Roy Angell (from West Winfield, New York) arrived after seeing lights on at his girlfriend's sister's house. He later stated he was out that night selling crack cocaine to get money for his son's Christmas presents. My son did not know Roy and Eric's autopsy showed no drugs in his system. Sometimes one's sense of humor can get you into trouble - Eric laughed when Roy showed off his gun - it was small and only held two bullets. Roy held it to Eric's head and fired one shot, killing him instantly (but he'll live eternally in his family and friends' memories). Roy ran, but accompanied by his lawyer, turned himself in the next day (a few year after, this lawyer died of a sudden heart attack and is buried 10 feet away from our beloved Eric). A trial would have been too difficult, especially on Eric's aging grandparents, and we allowed Roy to plea-bargain. He was sentenced to 7 to 14 years in State Prison, and he remains there.

Eric was a forgiving child, and if I was angry because someone had wronged him, he'd always say, "Just don't worry about it."

Remembering this, I've put Roy Angell away from any place of importance from my mind or spirit. San Francisco 49'ers won that night - Eric and Roy's families all lost.

We love you Eric. Thank you for the privilege of sharing 22 years with you. We'll always miss you. May God grant you eternal peace and happiness.

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Eric Alsheimer