Edward Terral Smith
"Ed or Eddy"
26 Years Old

August 11, 1958 to March 9, 1985

Eddy was the second child of three. He had two sisters, Carol and Ellen. Unlike his siblings he did not crawl, but slid along on his fanny until he decided to walk at 18 months.

Like his siblings, Ed was musical. His instruments were the French Horn, Trumpet, and self-taught Piano. In High school he performed with the marching and Symphonic Bands and sang tenor in the Chorus.

Ed was very bright but it didn't reflect in his high school grades where he refused to apply himself. When he did, however, he was 4.0 material. His SAT scores were in the 99 percentile. Drama Club was also a love of his and he appeared in Guys and Dolls and in Once Upon a Mattress and Prince Dauntless the Drab.

In 1982, Ed graduated from Bristol community college, Fall River, MA with a 4.0 cum. Next came SMU (now University of MA, Dartmouth) where he earned his B.S. Degree in Accounting.

Following graduation, Ed went west to work for the CPA firm of Shannon and Associates located in Kent, Washington. It wasn't long afterward he was told the firm considered him partnership material. Ed's love of music manifested itself one day when all the electric power went out in Kent and all the office machines were down. He went to the old piano in the corner of the office and began to play. Soon most of the workers were around him singing and laughing till the lights came on again. Among Ed's plans for the future was Law School.

His family says Ed had a great sense of humor. He enjoyed a good joke, even if it was on himself, as when his mom and dad gave him the following graduation card message: Nowadays to get anywhere a graduate has to have talent. "You have talent". A graduate has to have friends. "You have friends." A graduate has to have unyielding desire to work. "You have work!"

One of our family traditions was that the birthday person would choose his or her favorite foods for birthday dinner. Ed always chose Beef Stroganoff followed by Lady Finger Cheese Cake with pineapple topping made by mom.

Ed and Kim LaVine graduated together in 1984, with Kim at the very top of their accounting major. They had taken engagement pictures and were planning to return East to be married among family and friends in the Summer of 1985, but both were murdered on March 9, 1985.


Saturday, March 9, 1985, Ed and Kim left their Seattle apartment to do some sight-seeing in the Columbia River area of Grant County. Under what circumstances they met their murderer was never learned. Ed's body was found the following morning. His throat had been cut. There was no identification on him, only a penny in his pocket.

When Ed and Kim uncharacteristically did not report for work, employers called Seattle police and families were called on the East Coast. Seattle Police began notifying agencies to be on the lookout, but no connection was made between Seattle Police and Grant County Sheriff's Department until fourteen days later when Ed and Kim's auto was found at a Columbia River Lookout. Still no sign of Kim. Several months passed and in August her body was found in sage brush about 1.8 miles from where Ed was found.

Four years passed without further information. Suddenly, it was learned that the State of Washington had installed a new "Computerized Automatic Fingerprint System" (AFIS) and a match was made on the only "one" fingerprint taken from the auto rooftop. It identified Billy Ray Ballard, an itinerant truck driver, serial criminal, who was serving time in a Wyoming prison.

About 1 and 1/2 years later, in an Ephrata Courtroom following extradition, families watched Ballard plead guilty to both murders in order to avoid the death penalty. His sentence, life with no possibility of parole, is to be served upon completion of his term in Wyoming.

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