Edward S. McQuown (Eddie)
30 Years Old

June 12, 1968 to August 30, 1998

Edward S. McQuown (Eddie) was born on June 12, 1968 in Mesa, AZ to very proud parents, Thomas and Theresa McQuown. Eddie was an easy and loving child, an only child, and the only grandson for many years on the McQuown side of the family. Easy in many ways-always happy and really enjoyed life! He never really got into any trouble except for low grades in high school and a few non-moving traffic violations.

Eddie was involved in sports from the time he was in pre-school until his death. He enjoyed softball, football, baseball, surfing, snow skiing and motor sports. Sports helped shape his enthusiasm and his teamwork spirit. Eddie’s first love was his wife, Lydia, which he adored and respected. His passion was rebuilding Volkswagen (VW) cars, which he had many! He restored several VW’s but his prize possession was his rare 1968 Notchback VW. He turned that discarded heap of metal into a beautiful car.

Eddie’s love of life was apparent during his memorial services and funeral. There were hundreds of people from all walks of life and varied backgrounds. He made friends easily and a lot of people he worked with “wanted to be just like him’ as stated by a co-worker.


Eddie was murdered by a neighbor who suffered from various and many mental illnesses. She was ‘being worked back into society’ by the state of CA when she murdered Eddie. She shot Eddie several times then turned the gun on herself committing suicide.

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Edward McQuown