Edward Louis Draughan, Jr.
20 Years Old

January 16, 1977 to October 26, 1997

Edward Louis Draughan, Jr. was full of joy. He was a very kind and gentle person. He would never allow anyone to down his spirit and he always seemed to have a big smile on his face. Edward always had good intentions. He was the type of person who always tried to help others who were in need, even if it meant sitting and talking. He would take time to aid anyone. Everyone who knew Edward loved him and those who did not know him would have loved him, too. He was the center of attention and everyone enjoyed being with him.

The memories our family shared are still here but the dreams we had for Edward are gone. Someone chose to act-out anger and took Edwards’s life. What gave the murderer the right to take a life? We all ask this question. The pain and memories will always be. I know Edward is not coming back. I pray every day, asking God to give us the heart to forgive Steven Dewayne Evans for what he has done. As hard as it was for us to finally begin to say we do not hate him, we have truly come to terms to forgive him. Forgiving is the best way to heal; however, he does not realize the pain he has caused our family. I never thought death could hit so close and nobody could have done anything because if so, Edward would still be here. When God is ready for you to go Home, you must go. It seems like time was so short for Edward. He was so young.

Our family prays for Steven Dewayne Evans and hopes he has learned from his actions...we have learned. We have learned that bullets fired from guns and death can come at any time. We never know when to expect it but to be prepared for death. The chilling effects of death are not easy but the way Edward died was no way for anyone to die. Edward did not deserve to die this way. Due to my upbringing, the way I was taught was to forgive. This event has taken time to put into perspective and healing comes. I feel our family is good people and we try to do what is right in God’s eyes.

We try to stay away from situations that may cause problems such as violence, etc. If at all possible, we try to prevent problems from escalating. That is why our family was so hurt when we were informed about Edwards’s death. We knew Edward was not a violent person and those who knew him, knew this, also.

The cherished moments in our hearts is all our family holds onto...that is all we have is cherished moments.


Ed was visiting his sister in Amarillo, Texas. He had just gotten home from the Air Force.

They went to a charity function where a fight broke-out among two guys Ed did not know. One guy got mad because Ed was talking with the other guy. Steven Dewayne Evans and five or six of his friends went across the street where Ed was standing, put a gun to his throat and shot him.

The security guard said he saw what was happening, so he walked away and said to himself that they were not going to shoot him. He said Ed was surrounded by all these guys and Ed had his hands in the air with nothing in his hands. Ed had never seen these guys before.

Steven Evans sat in the trial with a smile on his face and no remorse. Steven never said he was sorry.

The case has been solved. Steven got 40 years in prison and will have to serve at least 20 years before being eligible for parole. He had been in trouble before.

Steven Evans took-away my pride and joy. Ed was my only son. He was “the apple of my eye.” I truly loved my son.

Although Steven Evans’ family still have him here to hold and talk with, our family will never be able to hold and talk with Edward.

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Edward Draughan