Ean Lee French
28 Years Old

April 27, 1974 to February 3, 2003

Ean was an only child to Linda & Roger French. From the time he was born he was one bundle of energy and always smiling. Growing up Ean enjoyed the thrill of dirt bikes, snow skiing and eventually snowmobiling. Few could keep up with him. He was an expert at knowing how to play. He liked hiking, camping, fishing, golfing, waterskiing, video games, and concerts. Ean had a passion for music and loved animals, especially his Labrador retriever Lucy, they were inseparable. I miss his excitement when he was getting ready to go snowmobiling after a snow storm or going to a concert of a band he liked...he’d act like a kid at Christmas. Ean’s sticker he kept on his fridge defined him Find What You Love, Love What You Find.

There wasn’t a person who knew Ean that wasn’t connected to some part of his outgoing personality. His love of family, loyalty to his friends and enthusiasm for life was undeniable. Ean did not have enemies. He was light-hearted, non- pretentious, sensitive and very high spirited… but also naïve. He saw the goodness in people, trusted them and I believe failed to notice that there is a very dark side of life that he never knew existed until his death that cold, snowy winter night. Winter, the Michigan season he loved! So many people have been affected by his tragic death.

After high school, in 1993 he decided to travel the country following his favorite band The Grateful Dead. People always seemed to gravitate towards Ean. He had as many female friends as he did male. He lived many places and acquired many friends along the way. Years later, he came home and told me someone had doused his drink with pure liquid LSD at a bar. He became so depressed, tormented by flashbacks and distorted trails in his vision, he isolated himself in our home for two years. He was suicidal. In 1999, after persuading him to go out with his cousin for the night he met a girl and a few months later they decided to go to the island of Kauai, Hawaii to backpack for 6 months. This was the beginning of his healing and finally once again I began to see happiness in his eyes and a spark back in his life.

When they returned, he tried working but being around people was still difficult for him, he had a few different jobs but then got caught up selling marijuana. Ean was trying to get a power washing business going and had bought a van to use but was also selling the pot and making quite a bit of money doing so… to pay his rent, utilities, gas, buy stuff, snowmobile & gear, electronic & computer equipment, trip’s, music, concerts. It became hard to stop now but he was trying, and would have, if only he had time…then the nightmare!


In a blizzard, the night of 2/3/03, three black men converged on my son’s home to rob him. He did not know these monsters.

Five days later he was found dead by his friend, who could barely speak to me about his horrific discovery.

In a panic, my husband and I raced to his home where we found our precious son laying face down with his hands duct taped behind his back, his legs taped ankle to thigh, 12 bullets in his back, and his handsome face was swollen beyond recognition. His arm had been stabbed with a knife which they stuck in the floor next to his body. He was tortured for hours, and his dog was locked for 5 days in the bathroom. His house was ransacked. Police called it execution style, horrifying, unbelievable, unreal and vicious.

All three killer’s are incarcerated in 3 Michigan prisons.

Ernest Gordon III (Mastermind of the crime)—age 30 arrested May 2003. Son of violent drug gang kingpin 2 previous offenses: narcotics, firearms.
Sentenced 1/25/05—SECOND DEGREE MURDER, Habitual Offender 2nd (60-99 yrs)

Edward Johnigan—age 33, arrested May 2003
Paroled 4/24/02 from previous felony weapons charges and killed 3 people within 10 mos. Sentenced 10/26/04—FIRST DEGREE MURDER, Felony Firearm, Habitual Offender
3rd or above (Life without Parole)

Corey Demarion McCullough—age 30 arrested 12/29/03 in Atlanta GA. One of the guns used owned by NFL football player Gerald McBurrows for Atlanta Falcons.
Previous narcotics charge
Sentenced 12/22/04—SECOND DEGREE MURDER, Habitual Offender 2nd (60-80 yrs)
Currently appealing.

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Ean Lee French