David A. Gugel
32 Years Old

February 18, 1963 to May 18, 1995

Two years have almost passed, but it seems a lifetime ago since I talked to my son, David. He was only 32 years and 3 months old at the time of his murder. I remember when David was born, early on a cold Monday morning. He grew up so fast and was a tall 6 foot, 1 inch lanky man.

When he was learning to drive, I remember how upset I was when I found out he was sneaking the car out for a midnight drive. His mischievous things he used to do! But they are memories that give us smiles and a lift to some of our bad days.

The shock of David joining the Navy and leaving home was so hard. I remember him writing a letter on the airplane on his way to boot camp in Orlando, Florida. I remember at boot camp graduation how very proud we were of him, seeing how he had matured.

Other than his children, David's 1989 Harley was his pride and joy and he rode it everywhere. This was his transportation from base to base.

I have custody of his four children, of whom he was so proud of and worried about when he had to be away from them. They have helped me make it through each day.

Even though I went through the motions of a funeral and cemetery service, I don't believe I will ever actually say goodbye. David is always on my mind and in my heart. How much we all love him and he is always in our hearts. No one can replace the one that is gone.

For no greater love hath a man than to lay down his life for his family.


David A. Gugel and his soon to be ex-wife were in the process of getting a divorce and were involved in a child custody case when David was murdered by his wife and her boyfriend on May 18, 1995. David was strangled by Darren Greer and hit on the head with a rock by Karen Gugel and then put in the trunk of his own rental car and his body taken later that day and half-buried on an Indian reservation on the West side of Maricopa Mountain.

From what we understood of the testimony, David was tricked into their trailer and ambushed from behind.

The murderers were charged with second degree murder. Karen Gugel was sentenced to 20 years and Darren Greer was given 18 years. They are serving their sentences in prison in the state of Arizona.

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David Gugel