Dana Anthony Karp
37 Years Old

October 29, 1963 to October 15, 2001

Dana enjoyed being with his friends and family, though he would not have been considered a highly sociable person. Dana’s happiest times were when he was entertaining his young niece and nephews.

For a couple of years prior to his murder, having overcome many of his life stresses and difficulties, Dana was finally feeling good about his accomplishments and successful sales business “L.A. Office Supplies.”

Dana truly enjoyed his many (about 15) fish tanks. He continued to raise more and more generations of fish.

Dana married Marianne. They had no children.

Very tragically, Dana’s new, happy, successful life was abruptly taken from him. He loved the Lord, his family loves him and he will be forever remembered and forever missed.


At noon on October 15th, 2001, while working alone calmly at his small office in Commerce, California, our son and brother Dana Karp was shot in the head multiple times.

It was a clean professional ambush and since no physical evidence was left behind, his murder sadly remains unsolved.

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Dana Karp