Dameyon Parrish Flythe
25 Years Old

December 27, 1971 to May 4, 1997

Dameyon was born on December 27, 1971. We were all hoping for a Christmas baby and a uncle that we had not seen for ten years even came home for the delivery but it didn't happen. Dameyon decided that he had other plans and came two days later after his uncle left. The day of his birth I had eaten a hamburger and french fires and up to the day he died it was his favorite meal. Dameyon was a loving child but mischievous. He always got his siblings in all types of trouble. One incident that stands out was I had put some orange juice in the refrigerator and told them not to drink the juice. I came back later to find that the orange juice was gone and no one could remember what happened to the juice. I asked and no one knew who had drunk the juice. My third son admitted to drinking the juice because he did not want his brothers to get a beating over the juice. It took Dameyon more than twenty years to tell me that he was the one who drunk the juice. This is just one incident of many that he would do to keep things stirred up.

Dameyon grew up to be a very handsome, smart, intelligent young man. At the age of eleven he was hit by a drunk driver. The impact of that accident broke his legs and he suffered head injuries. Dameyon stayed at Kings Daughter Hospital for three months in the Intensive Care Unit. We thought we had lost him but we prayed to God to please give us our son back and he did. The Lord healed him of all his injuries and blessed us to have him for fourteen more years.

He graduated from high school then enlisted in the United States Army serving on the front line of Desert Storm. After his tour in the War, Dameyon returned home and began his career at the Newport News Shipyard in the Apprentice Ship program and still served actively in the United States Army as a Sergeant. He was given his Sergeant stripes the day of his funeral because the military had not told him of his accomplishment of moving up to the rank of Sergeant.

On May 3, 1997 it was a Saturday evening he came to the house which he so often did. On Sunday, May 4, 1997 Dameyon came by the house that morning and was sitting on the couch reading the paper. It was an article about a friend of his who was shot and killed. For some reason Dameyon just sat there and looked at the picture and to say how can people be so cruel. We all went to church and had communion. We went out to eat and Dameyon said that he was going to visit some friends. Around 8:00 Sunday, I called Dameyon because he had said that he would call me later. His voice mail came on and I left him a message. Around eleven o’clock I was looking at the news and the reporter was talking about a shooting in Newport News. At 2:45 A.M. Monday morning the door bell rang and reality sat in that our son was the person shot in Newport News. The detectives were talking and asking us to come and identify the body. But all I could think about was that my baby was gone.


Dameyon was sitting in his white 1991 BMW in the 600 block of 43rd Street in Newport News when Julius DeBraux, 20, approached him. As Dameyon tried to drive away, DeBraux fired a shot from a .22-caliber gun, hitting Flythe once in the back. At the start of the trial, DeBraux pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and use of a firearm. He was sentenced to 45 years for the murder and 3 years for the gun charge.

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Dameyon Flythe