Craig Howard Shults
22 Years Old

February 19, 1976 to October 17, 1998

Craig Howard Shults, born February 19, 1976, died October 17, 1998 at the frozen age of 22. He was shot in the back twice, and violently killed.

Craig was a bicentennial baby born in the 200th year of our nation. Craig was a happy baby and all boy from the word go. His blonde hair and green eyes glistened with boyish beauty.

He had a way with animals. They loved him. The downtrodden in life looked up to him for strength. He seldom complained. He enjoyed being alive. He enjoyed a life filled with friends and family.

Craig grew into a good-hearted young man. He loved people. He loved Mother Nature's gifts. He loved to canoe, fish, play ball, enjoy life, camp, hunt, work hard, play hard, always on the go enjoying the time here on Earth and seeing it was given to us to enjoy. He wore his heart on his sleeve. He helped many people and still does to this day through his sacrifices. He took nothing for granted. Always appreciative.

He loved rodeo and rode bulls. He was one of the most courageous people I ever met! Craig H. Shults would not be on the murder wall had it not been for one person, the killer! The justice system let this killer go and it is a miscarriage of justice. Still the family and friends do not understand. There was no justice for Craig, but in his, forever frozen age of 22, his family and friends remember him and remember the injustices he got, during and after his death.

Craig was a carpenter by trade and helped to build many houses in the Rolla, Missouri area he grew up in. Craig, you were a good person and I love you, son. You are missed by many and you left a hole in society and we are sorry so many let you down.

The picture of him is with Heart Lake in the background, high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. He loved it there and had a limit of trout for the family to eat that night for supper. He is always loved! Craig, we love you and miss you. 'Til Later.

Written by his father, Philip C. Shults in loving memory. We love you son

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Craig Schults