Clay Gordon Smith
25 Years Old

November 15, 1974 to March 31, 2000

Clay Smith was loyal to all he knew. He served the Church as an alter boy for seven years. He graduated high school and vo-tech the same year with honors. Clay was an Eagle Scout and worked hard all his life. He was loved by many, especially by his parents and sisters Miling and Katee Anna. His sisters are 22 and 11 years old. Clay was caring and giving to a fault. He was a lover of cars, cooking and travel. Clay loved food and had a special love of cooking shrimp. His favorite game was backgammon. Clay was an eloquent speaker and a “Beau” opposite the debutants. He is survived by his father, mother and two sisters. Clay was pure-hearted.

Clay was a machine operator and had just picked-up his check the night of his murder.


My son was out with friends. A group of three or four neighbor kids asked a youngster to go get Clay. My son of 25 years had purchased a car three days prior and was totally excited. That afternoon, he also picked-up his paycheck from work. He was out having a few beers with a co-worker when he was approached to meet with someone who was waiting from him elsewhere. Clay told his friend he would “Be right back.” He never lived to return from the apartment he was summoned. The lie the three people told the police to cover themselves was that my son came over and played Russian roulette with himself and shot himself.

Clay was visited by over 600 people at his viewing and funeral. We had to have a motorcade of at least five police officers to get to the cemetery. Clay was well-loved. The police have informed me that they believe nothing the youngsters told them; however, it takes time to get the facts.

If you know of anyone on earth willing to help us find the truth of what happened to our son, please call us at 1-724-846-1272. Our case is still unsolved.

The murderer was angry at Clay because he offered to take his girlfriend out for driving lessons that day so she could get her drivers license. They were also in the company of a third party who is currently serving time for another crime. These children banded together after fighting and killing my son in order to save themselves. The killer has never served a day behind bars. The community stands angry about this action. The reason I feel this young man was allowed to walk was because he was not a trouble-maker. The second young man is a career criminal and the young girl defended her boyfriend in fear of loosing her two year old son who was present at the shooting.

We know our son had no desire to commit suicide. He had just taken time off from work and purchased a ticket to the Islands. He loved life, his job, his sisters, his family and not to mention, his brand new car. We know he died of jealousy. The young girl’s boyfriend had no car and felt the need to kill my son Clay.

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Clay Gordon Smith