Clarissa Ann Culberson

22 Years Old

January 31, 1974 to August 29, 1996

Carrie Culberson, age 22 of Blanchester, Ohio was beautiful with “homecoming queen” looks. In high school, she was class officer for four years, on the homecoming court for four years and cheerleader for nine years. She played the bells in the band and sang in the choir. Carrie played soccer, softball, volleyball, ran track and was on the swim team at our local swim club.

Once she graduated, Carrie went to the University of Cincinnati to study pre-law. She did not continue in that direction and chose to become a nail technician. The day before her disappearance and murder, she had gone to a community college to take a pre-admission test for nursing.

Carrie was also “a health-nut.” She worked-out at the gym for an hour and a half, three to four times a week. She didn’t smoke or do caffeine. She enjoyed trying low-fat recipes on her little sister and her mom.

Carrie dreamed of having her own family someday and would laugh and say “Well, the world needs little white picket fences.”

Carrie was raised to have high self-esteem and she was always a strong-willed person, so it was a surprise to everyone that she had allowed herself to become a victim of domestic violence. abusers do, her boyfriend chipped-away at her self-esteem.

Everyone tried to convince Carrie to leave her abuser. But every time she attempted to leave was when he would beat her and tell that “If I can’t have you, no one can.” He was the classic abuser. He was jealous, controlling and violent. He would pick fights with anyone she would go out with. He would tell her that if she ever left him, he would hurt her and her family. Carrie stayed with him out of fear; fear for herself, her mother and her sister.

Carrie’s suffering is over but we will be left with the pain for the rest of our lives. Who will be Carrie’s voice? Carrie’s voice is in the feeling of a kind touch of a friend’s hand or a shoulder to comfort you. Carrie’s voice is in the cries of a battered woman, in the voice of a jury who finds an abuser guilty and in the sound of a judge’s gavel that hits the bench as the abuser is sentenced.


On Wednesday, August 28th, 1996 around 11:30PM, Clarissa Ann “Carrie” Culberson arrived home from a volleyball game she had attended with some friends. This was the last time anyone would see or hear from Carrie.

Carrie was unable to be found the next day. After days of searching for her, the investigation turned to an on-again-off-again-boyfriend, Vincent Doan. Doan had pending assault charges against him stemming from an altercation a few months earlier in which he had allegedly attacked Carrie with a space heater that cause her head to need five staples to close the gash.

Doan’s story changed several times during the course of the investigation. It was believed that Doan killed Carrie because he was obsessed with her and had the need to control her and/or Doan killed Carrie to prevent her from testifying against him in court for the pending assault charges in which she had filed a few months prior to her disappearance.

Doan was convicted of aggravated murder and kidnapping charges and was sentenced to life in prison without parole on Wednesday, November 5th, 1997.

The court declared Carrie Culberson deceased on Wednesday, February 4th, 1998. Carrie’s body is still missing. It is the hopes and prayers of her family that someday her body will be recovered for the proper and humane Christian burial that they wish to have for her.

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Clarissa Culberson