Chynna Lynne Dickus
26 Years Old

January 22, 1980 to July 24, 2006.

Chynna Lynne Dickus, was born on January 22, 1980 the ONLY daughter of Marcia Lynn Anderson who raised her into a beautiful, compassionate, young lady. Chynna was raised in Mooresville, Indiana where she attended school. She was in the accelerated classes from the third grade to her sophomore year. She quit high school and home schooled herself then on to Marian College where she was an honor student. Chynna was of small stature but her passion was basketball—from the third grade—even played on a traveling AAU basketball team. Chynna was a very outgoing girl who continued to keep her friends throughout her young life. You never saw her without a smile and she never met a stranger!

Chynna was an attractive “girlie girl” who enjoyed wearing designer clothes. She took great care in her personal appearance and it showed. On July 3, 2003 Chynna married the love of her life, Stephen Sean Dickus. They planned for their special day and were married in a beautiful chapel in Gatlinburg, Tennessee one year after Sean proposed for about the hundredth time. Her mother-in-law, Terri Dickus, said Chynna was the type of wife every mother wanted for her son. Sean and Chynna did everything together including attending the same college and when they weren’t together they were on the phone. They were so in love they would kiss while walking through their home.

Chynna was a doting Step-Mom, catering to every need of Blake. She even went to Christina Dickus, Blake’s mother, to ask her how to fix his hair just right because Blake said she couldn’t fix it like his Mom did. There was such a good rapport between Sean, Chynna, and Christina. They focused on Blake and he knew how much he was loved by them. Chynna was a little Suzy Homemaker. She loved her home, cooking, scrap booking, sending cards, and especially shopping! Her biggest goal was to have a happy home where there was always laughing and playing around.

God was important in Sean and Chynna’s life. They attended Grace Assembly of God and went on a missionary trip to El Salvador on June 10, 2006. Chynna prayed with a lady for one day and night...the lady had never spoken a word and she said her first word to Chynna. Since Chynna’s death, the people in El Salvadore have made a memorial in honor of their friend and this year 2007 they have donated a home in Chynna’s name.

Chynna spent a lot of time picking out the right decorations for their new home. She collected butterfies, it was for God’s new Creation. Blake’s room was perfect for him to visit. Little did anyone know in one month Chynna and Blake would be murdered in this beautiful new home and life as we know it was over.


On July 24, 2006 Sean Dickus arrived at this Franklin home from work to find his wife of three years, Chynna Dickus, 26, and son Blake from a previous marriage, 10, brutally murdered. They had just moved into their new home about a month before and Blake was going back to his mother, Christina Dickus, after the week’s stay. Blake’s Grandmother, Carole Whittemore was to pick Blake up after she returned from Menards. That is when the nightmare began. Carole did not know where the new house was so she tried to call for directions but Chynna never answered her phone. Marcia Anderson , Chynna’s mother, thought something was wrong because Chynna did not call her after Sean left for work like she usually did. After numerous tries to contact Chynna, Blake, and Sean, Christina Dickus frantically drove to Chynna’s home only to discover police, crime scene tape, and worst of all—a coroner’s van.

Chynna Dickus died of multiple stab wounds and Blake Dickus died of blunt force trauma to his head, multiple stab wounds, and asphyxia.

Police have stated that the husband—father, Sean Dickus has been cleared as a suspect.

The Franklin (Indiana) Murder Mystery—Who Killed Chynna and Blake Dickus is still an UNSOLVED DOUBLE HOMICIDE. The Franklin Police have just released a $10,000.00 Reward for information and there is a $1,000.00 Reward posted by Crime Stoppers.

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