Christopher David Ray
14 Years Old

February 3, 1985 to January 23, 2000

Chris loved fishing and crawdad hunting. He was a very outgoing person. He would befriend the kids that no one else wanted as friends because they weren't popular or they were handicapped. He loved to help take care of them. On the bus ride home from school, he was always the clown, making the other kids laugh. Chris was very close to me and his sister. He would call me while he was at school just to see how my day was and to say, "I love you mom". He never left the house without saying I love you. He used to carry a picture of his sister in his wallet and tell his friends that she was his girlfriend. That's how much he thought of her. When they found out she was just his sister, they all wanted a picture of her. He was learning woodworking while attending school, and getting paid for it. He loved to work, he also loved spending money but would buy his friends things before he bought for himself. Chris loved watching Jackie Chan movies, playing basketball, football, and spending time with his cousin Tim, and his family. Chris had a big smile and a heart of gold. He is missed by many. He will always be in his mom and sister's hearts and will never be forgotten. We love you Chris.


Chris was stabbed 39 times while he slept on the couch in his own home. A pillow was put over his face so the sounds would be muffled. His friend sat there and watched him die and then continued to stab him after he was already dead, leaving him there for two hours while he cleaned up before he came in and woke me up to tell me what had happened. He committed this crime "execution style" using two different knives.

The murderer is Brooks Colby Shumay. He was convicted of First degree murder and tampering with evidence. It took the jury less than two hours to come back with the verdict. He was sentenced on September 18, 2000 to five to life on the first degree murder charge, and one to fifteen for tampering with evidence on the second degree felony. He will probably only serve 18 years and will be out by the age of 34 years old. Brooks was supposed to be Chris's friend. Brooks is out at the Utah State Prison. He has never shown any remorse about what he did and has told three different versions of "his" story, none of which are even close to what happened. This murder was so cold and calculated that I pray Brooks never gets out to hurt any one else.

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Christopher Ray