Christopher Aaron Meldrum
20 Years Old

May 4, 1976 to January 8, 1997

We realized that at age 3, Christopher would be one who would had a great love for the outdoors. He was the happiest in the mountains. Summer months the family would find places to camp. Christopher learned & developed his skills. Older, he was found doing and going on survival trips. Also, he was a good scouter. He could make his own fishing flies, and was a good hiker.

Christopher loved sports, and won an award for outstanding player in Basketball. Scouting awards, was American heritage and for walking 50/25-walking 50 miles in 25 hours. He attained the rank of star in scouting. He had a way of working with the children, he had two children he loved dearly. He had a special talent that when things got serious he would lighten things up by making you laugh. We will miss his smile and laughter. He is a cooler that we'll never see again. Our memories of him will last forever.


On January 8, 1997, Richard Amodt was 18 years old, who had been up late and on drugs. He said he was going into the home where Christopher Meldrum was staying and living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Christopher was sleeping and sick in bed when Richard said, "I want to play a trick" on Christopher who was 20 1/2 years old. He went to the room where he was sleeping with a 12 gauges shotgun. Richard fired off once at the ceiling, at the mattress. This woke Christopher up scared and yelled at Richard. A valid reason to yell. Then Richard used the shotgun and fired at Christopher's abdomen near his liver. Christopher was airlifted to a nearby hospital and died in surgery. There was massive damage. It was like he was blown up inside. Richard was charged with 1st degree murder but pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Witness never came to any court days and refused to be found to help in this case. Richard wrote a letter to say sorry for what he did.

One month later he was quoted in a newspaper article dated Jan3, 1998. He said, "the dying Christopher hardly bled". If this person was sorry, he would not have said something so cruel and so cold. He knew what he was doing when he showered in vinegar to clean up from the gun and he broke up the gun. Pieces were scattered over Salt Lake City. This was not a prank, he knew. He was only served four years of his sentence. He got 17 years for manslaughter-15 years max and 2 other years added. We don't want him out this soon. We feel he needs to complete his full 17 years that the judge gave him for taking our son too soon.

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Christopher Meldrum