Cathy Longstreet Hilton
28 Years Old

November 16, 1971 to January 4, 2000

She woke up as usual that Tuesday morning, Jan 4, 2000 and made the kids their breakfast. She drove her 8 year old son Brandon, to his elementary school and her 4 year old daughter Tiffani, to her Pre K school. She kissed them and said "I love you- see you later." The "later" never came.

She returned home and changed into her running clothes and ran a few miles which was part of her morning routine. After, she took a quick shower and dressed in her work uniform. She got into her car, a new Ford Mustang convertible she had wanted a long time and finally purchased with the money he made as a waitress for the Rain Forest Restaurant at Aventura Mall in Aventura, Florida. She drove to work and parked her car on the 4th level of the parking garage - it was approximately 10:00 A.M. She stepped out of her car, locked it, and started towards the elevator. Those were the last steps she took in her life.

Her body was found on the garage floor with a rope twisted around her throat, tightly knotted. She had been strangled to death by a transient who wanted her car. Her name was Cathy Longstreet Hilton - she was 28 years old. Cathy was born and raised in North Miami Beach, Florida. During her years in school she was an exceptional athlete on both High School and U.S.S. swim teams. By the time she graduated High School, she had lettered in five sports; swimming, water polo, track & field, cross country running and soccer while holding a 3.8 grade point average. Someone in the coroner's office commented that given the strength and excellence of her body, she could have lived to 100.

Cathy was the type of person you liked right away. She was a giving and loving wife and parent. She was bouncy, worked hard and laughed easily. She adored her husband Marc and her two children. She loved her two sisters, a brother and parents. This brutal and unnecessary murder took her life away and left her family and friends devastated. It brought sorrow and sadness to everyone who knew and loved her. Her son was once asked if he were in heaven and could come back what he would return as. He answered "I wouldn't come back as anything - I would stay there with my mommy." When her daughter asks "why did that mean man kill my mommy" - there is no answer.

Cathy will not see them grow up, graduate school, marry and have their own children. She will miss out on birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries -- she will not, can not participate in these events because a "mean man" took her life away.

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Cathy Hilton