Cassandra Marie Betts
25 Years Old

August 19, 1975 to December 21, 2000

Cassandra Marie Betts, also known as “Sandy”, “Charlie” and “Cassie”, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on August 19, 1975. While being pregnant with her 2nd child, she was murdered by her fiancée, Tony Ringer, on December 21, 2000.
Prior to Cassandra’s murder, she was having fun planning her upcoming wedding and looking forward to having her second child, a little baby boy. When she wasn’t busy making wedding plans, she spend countless hours having fun with her 7 year old daughter named “Justyce”. Cassandra and Justyce had a great bond. They did many things together like shopping, going to the park and watching movies. Cassandra ‘s belief in God was strong and she was an active member of the Lincoln Heights Missionary Baptist Church located in Lincoln Heights, Ohio. She was involved in several ministries in the church. Cassandra was a 1993 graduate of Aiken High School. While attending Aiken, she received numerous awards, but the one that she cherished the most was “Most Spirited Cheerleader”. After graduating from high school, Cassandra worked at various cheerleading camps teaching young girls the chants, cheers and stunts that would make them great cheerleaders. Cassandra received an MBA from the University of Cincinnati in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing.
Cassandra was employed at her time of death by Empower Media Marketing as an advertising executive, bringing the attributes of both professionalism and her dynamic personality to her job. Many of her co-workers stated that she was a good role model and they looked up to her with the greatest respect.
One of Cassandra’s favorite hobbies was modeling. She was one of photographer Jason Winbush, President of “True Colors” magazine, favorite subjects. She often graced the pages of his “True Color” publication.
Cassandra was 25 years old at the time of her death and had many inspiring goals and dreams. One of which was to be a news anchor person at one of the local TV stations in Ohio. Cassandra had a unique love for God, life, family and friends. Because of her outgoing personality and charisma, she was much loved by her co-workers, family , and friends. The person who loved her the most was her 7 year old daughter. Justyce stated that “in my eyes, mom is my shining star”. She was a joy at family gatherings and would be a ray of sunshine whenever she entered a room. But now, for her family, friends and her most cherished possession, “Justyce”, that sunshine is now nothing but a rainbow of memories. Cassandra will be forever missed.


On December 21, 2000, in the early hours of the morning, Cassandra, who was pregnant with her 2nd child, was shot in the back of the head by her fiancée, Tony Ringer. The murder took place in the parking lot of a car repair company located in Woodlawn, Ohio. Prior to being shot, Cassandra was stabbed in the abdomen, which resulted in lacerating her liver. She was stabbed in the abdomen in an attempt to kill the unborn child. This murder took place in her car in front of her seven year old daughter who was pretending to be asleep in the backseat of the car. After the murder, Tony Ringer ran from the scene, whereby leaving Justyce in the car for over 7 hours with her dead mother’s body. Eventually , Justyce gained the courage to climb over her dead mother’s body and get help around 6:30 a.m. Tony Ringer, a 30 year old male and 1st time offender was arrested and charged on 2 counts of aggravated murder. Because of his local status as the “celebrity’s barber”, his 2 million dollar bond was paid by local NFL players and the Cincinnati Reds. Before the case went to trial, Tony took a plea bargain of 2 counts of voluntary manslaughter, resulting in a 9 year sentence for each count and a 3 year sentence for the use of a gun. He is serving a total sentence of 21 years at the Marion Correctional Institution. His date of incarceration was March 4, 2002 and his expected release date is on Cassandra’s birthday, August 19, 2022.

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Cassandra Marie Betts