Byron Robert Boyce
21 Years Old

December 24, 1976 to January 12, 2000

Byron was born Christmas Even in 1976 to Marguaritia Bivens. Byron is my middle son. He has an older brother, Preston, and a younger brother, Marshall. He has many other brothers due to me being a foster parent. He has always loved to sing and dance.

Byron and some friends started a dance group, X Rated, and won many awards in talent shows. Byron was an outstanding distance runner in middle and high school, outstanding award winner in track and field. Byron's favorite hobby was writing music and rapping as well as singing. The day Byron was murdered he was offered a recording contract. Byron's favorite color was green and black. Byron is and always will be loved and missed. The police say Byron was in the wrong place at the wrong time. No one has been arrested for his murder.

Byron had a very nice smile and could make anyone laugh. Like many who have lost their lives through murder, they had so much to live for.

Byron was an organ donor and saved five lives.

My son, my twin, there is never a day that I do not think of you. I pray one day justice will be done and all those involved will be turned in and tell us why, or do they even know? How I wish you had come home and not stayed the night with the people who won't tell what happened. One day God, I pray, the murder of Byron Robert Boyce will be solved. I could go on forever about Byron.

Red is the color of fire.
Red is the color of a rose.
Red is my favorite color.
Red everybody got on.
Red, red, everybody loves red.
Red is the color of an apple.
Red is the color of our blood
When it hits the air.

Green is the color of grass.
Green is the color of a car.
Green is the color of money.
Green is the color of a plant.
Green is the color my
older brother loved.
Green will always remind
me of him.
Green. I will always love him.

written by Byron's brother Zach

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Byron Boyce