Bryant Edward Morris
10 Years Old

March 31, 1992 to December 21, 2002

Bryant Edward Morris, was ten years old when he was shot in the head by his father and died instantly. He was born almost seven weeks premature and could not have milk of any kind. Edward was Renee’s grand- father’s name and she was very close to him. When he was almost two years old, he nearly drowned in a man made lake as he chased a duck and fell in. His mother being eight months pregnant jumped in and grabbed him, but could not easily climb out on the mud bank to call 911. Then on a family picnic he was bit by a bee and had an allergic reaction, when a stranger brought him some medicine that helped. They walked the whole park looking for him to thank him, but never found him. One more thing happened that we can not explain. He got sick with a very high fever, his parents were very worried and kept checking on him debating on whether to take him to emergency and he told his mother not to worry because that man was staying with him. He could describe him in detail and said he was not afraid, but his Mother saw no one. Of course, she was praying constantly and did call the nurse hotline for instructions, but after a few hours his temperature subsided and he fell asleep. The family agrees it was his guardian angel.

His passion was animals and nature. His favorites were the dinosaurs and the butterfly bush. He had a voracious appetite for reading, of any subject, but more importantly he could retain almost 90% of what he read. We tested him and he was always surprised that we would ask. He also excelled in math, but his Mother always told them they passed to the next grade and how proud she was of them, not how good or bad they were doing. He had read the entire Bible and was re-reading his favorite passages. One of them was the story of Joshua and the city of Jericho. He played soccer and he was not very good, but always gave it his all and had the game of his life a month or two before he died. He was our hugger and he helped his Mom and loved his sister and brother. He brought us much joy. We miss him terribly!


Renee Lynn Morris and seven-month fetus Noah Daniel were brutally murdered on December 21, 2002, along with Bryant, Alexis, and Johnathan, by Edward Morris, her husband and father of the children. The crime was pre-meditated and he enlisted the help of Renee’s Mother and Renee’s best friend Shannon to help with the surprise trip to the coast. Surprise trips were frequent in their family for special occasions, so Edward’s actions were a total surprise to everyone who knew him. He was evaluated twice at the Oregon State Hospital and found sane. He is serving four consecutive life sentences in Oregon, with no appeals or paroles, due to a plea bargain agreement.

The family gratefully acknowledges the support, cooperation, communication, and tireless efforts of the Portland Chapter of POMC, the Oregon State Police, and Portland FBI, the Tillamook County Sheriff and staff, the District Attorney and his staff of Tillamook County, the Portland Police, our family and friends and especially other survivors!

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Bryant Morris