Brian Kevin Boothe
35 Years Old

March 5, 1967 to December 25, 2002

Brian had a smile that lit up a room, an infectious laugh, a silly giggle and a heart of gold. Brian had a way of really appreciating others and making each and every person he knew feel special. Brian was extremely generous. He had a wonderful sense of humor, a quick wit and was great fun to be with. Brian was loving the life he created for himself. Brian had moved from a lifetime on Long Island to his own apartment in Manhattan just a few years before his death. Brian really enjoyed living in Manhattan and the excitement of city.

Brian was a great dancer. He enjoyed going to clubs, having a few drinks with friends and dancing. Brian loved to ski. He liked to travel and had made several trips to Aspen and throughout the United States, as well as a cross-country trip with a group of friends. He enjoyed dining out; one of his favorite restaurants was the Water Club in New York City.

Brian loved and was loved by everyone who knew him; he had so many friends and touched so many lives during his brief stay on this earth. Brian was fiercely loyal, incredibly protective, caring and nurturing to his family and friends. Brian was a sensitive young man, who treated others well, validating and appreciating each person he knew. He was a great listener who would offer his advice without judgement, a truly gifted individual

He was a hard working, tireless and dedicated employee of Seabrook Consulting at the time of his death. He was driven by work and always gave 100% to whatever he was doing. Brian was very meticulous and prided himself on going the extra mile. Brian graduated from Patchogue-Medford High School. He completed his Associates degree in Banking and Finance at Suffolk Community College. He was pursuing a BBA in Banking and Finance at Hofstra University, while working full-time.

Brian was a loving son to his parents, Katherine and Thomas Boothe. He was the beloved friend and cherished brother of Donna, Jimmy, Tommy and Shawn. He was a treasured brother-in-law to Nicole and Joe. Brian was ecstatic to be chosen as godfather to his first born nephew, Owen. He was delighted in spending time with his nieces and nephews. He was anticipating the arrival of another niece, who he never got to see, she was born in February 2003, and is his namesake, Brianna.


Sadly, Brian never got to celebrate his favorite holiday. It was the most horrific day our family has ever Endured. Brian was discovered murdered in his apartment on Christmas Day.

This case is unsolved. Brian Boothe was stabbed fatally early on Christmas Day, 2002, in his Stuyvesant town apartment. There is a reward offered for any information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case. There was no forced entry and robbery does not appear to be the motive. Brian’s Christmas gifts for family members were arranged in shopping bags ready to take to his sister’s home for the holiday celebration. There is someone very evil roaming free, as this case remains unsolved.

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Brian Kevin Boothe