Brian Edward Jenny
"Bud" or "Fred"

21 Years Old

November 18, 1980 to October 7, 2002

Brian was born and raised in Shakopee, Minnesota. A 1999 High School graduate. He worked as a Plant Operator at Bryan Rock Products up to the time of his death. His unassuming and friendly personality endured him to people of all ages, with his laughs and smiles. He was a problem solver, a peacemaker, and a hard worker, innocent in every way. If you needed money or help he would ask how much or when? His favorite saying was “it’ll buff out”. Every year for his special birthday dinner we had tacos and pumpkin pie. He knew how to cook, clean and do laundry. Brian lived at home to help him get a better start in life. Brian helped his Dad with all kinds of project, fences, retaining walls, and garages. This was a standard joke, “just this last big project, Bud”, Brian would reply with a smile, “right Dad”.

To his father– a best friend. To his mother– a beloved son. To his sister– you meant the world to me. To his brother-in-law– my brother. To his niece– My “Bian”, they always played a game, it had to be dark. They would shine a flashlight and try to catch the spot. Oh! To hear the laughter. To all– a gentle soul. His favorite song– A Pirate Looks At Forty by Jimmy Buffet, he loved country music. Brian liked all sports, he played on a softball team. He always had a special love for fishing. He liked working on engines, a 77 GMC truck that he bought from working part-time jobs throughout high school. Brian and his friends purchased an old school bus that they rebuilt into a camper. He enjoyed tubing on Apple River, (Wisconsin) and going to Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, and to WeFest. He liked family gatherings, picnics and bonfires.


Brian was 6’3” and 195 pounds, a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and worked out daily. He purchased his 2002 black Ford 350 diesel truck in June and had taken over boat payments from us. Four young people from the Leech Lake Indian Reservation were charged in the robbery, kidnapping and baseball bat killing of 21 year old tourist Brian Edward Jenny while on a fishing trip with his brother-in-law.

Brian and his brother-in-law, David, went up north on a planned fishing trip, not to buy or sell drugs as has been rumored. This was not a party, yes they were drinking beer while on vacation.

There were items from both the truck and boat taken on October 5, 2002, and then neatly locked back up. As Brian and David were outside checking on the truck and boat, they started a conversation with a group of people who said they were waiting for a ride. Brian and David invited them into their cabin to get out of the cold. They befriended them, then turned on them. We took Brian off life support 2 days later with his loving family and Pastor at his side.

Leah Danielle Harper-Jenkins, 19 years of age, was convicted of Second-Degree Intentional Murder and murder while committing an assault and kidnapping. She was sentenced to 30 years exceeding state guidelines, no parole release before 20 years served.

Kenneth Conger, Jr., 17 years of age was certified as an adult. Plead guilty to Second-Degree Murder and two other counts of robbery and kidnapping. He also admitted having Brian’s wallet, from which about $200.00 was stolen. He was sentenced to 35 years in prison with no parole before 25 years served.

Stephanie Dawn Losh, 20 years of age, drove the assailants and victim to the swamp. She plead guilty to Aiding and Abetting Kidnapping, with intent to give testimony at trials. She was sentenced to 10 year prison term-stayed. One year in Cass County Jail with 40 years probation with a variety of conditions. This sentence was executed on March 8, 2004, due to a probation violation, she tested positive for two separate forms of Opiates.

Stephanie Lynn Day, 19 years of age, plead guilty to Felony Aiding an Offender. A second-degree assault charge also filed against her, was dismissed. She was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 3 years probation, and restitution. Her vehicle was used to transport the victim to a swamp. She also drove Kenneth Conger to Burnsville, Minnesota.

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Brian Edward Jenny