Brandy Christine Fries

14 Years Old

July 13, 1974 to March 23, 1989

Brandy Christine Fries of San Jose, California loved life. She was caring and always was helping other people. She loved to care for any baby or handicapped person she came across. Brandy had a special love for Grandma Sammy and her Grandma Rose.

Brandy was always a mom, even to me, her Mother. She loved her brothers more than I can ever say. Her two brothers names are David and Cal. David was three years younger and Cal was nine years younger. She called Cal “Bub.” Why? It was between them and only them.

Brandy was a teenager and like all teenagers, there were good days and even some bad ones. I wish every night and day that I was a better Mother. She was born when I was 16 years old. We had a bond that I cannot even describe. I try to believe in God. So I know she knows what is in my heart.

In school, Brandy was always on top of things, good or bad. On her last report card, she received five “A’s” and one “B.” I am still so proud of her. Brandy always talked about being a model and at 5’ 10,” everyone knew she would be whatever she wanted to be. She had something special about herself.

This written on Brandy’s headstone along with a very pretty picture of her in pink. It was written by her Grandma Sammy: “Brandy was beautiful and was filled with a zest for life. She always found time to help others. We will always remember her smile and the love she had for family.”

Brandy was my only girl and I will always have her in my heart. We miss her everyday and night but know she is in God’s Home now.


My Daughter Brandy was babysitting with my foster sister. She wanted to go to the store. She was told “No.” After a while, a man knocked at the door. My sister remembered him: he was a friend of the people she was sitting for. My daughter asked to go to the store again and the man offered to take her there and back. That was the last time my sister ever saw my daughter.

Jose Augie Becerra, 23, took my 14 year old into the mountains instead of the store. We all know what he did to her...I cannot say it to this day. The highway patrol said my daughter had to be in a laying position. They think she was kicking him to make him stop to let her go. He was so drunk, he crossed the center line doing 50 miles per hour. The truck left the two-lane highway and flew 50 to 60 feet, hitting trees on both sides of the truck. The front of the truck tilted-downward and hit a tree with the roof. They claim my daughter was not sitting up. My daughter Brandy was 14 and 5’10.” The pig was shorter than her. The truck impacted, turned on the side and fell 40 feet to the ground. My daughter sat on a dead man for 12 hours. Yes, he died first. My baby lived 11 days in a coma. She never woke-up.

Jose Becerra was known for drinking and driving. Judge La Doris Cordell knew his record, but put him on court probation for three years and he had to install an ignition lock on his car. He sold the 1967 Chevy and bought the truck. The court had never checked on him.

If Santa Clara County and Judge Cordell would have checked on him, they would have seen that he by-passed the ignition lock over 800 times and sold the car with the lock on it. Our courts need to do their job. If they put someone on court probation, they need to check on the person. Jose Becerra was even in a wreck. This man, with the terms of his probation, should have been in jail before he ever offered a ride to my daughter. If my daughter would have known he had been drinking, she would have never taken the ride because my little brother Tony Calovich had just been killed by a drunk driver while he walked across a street. My brother was only 18 years old.

What is wrong with the court system in the state of California? The courts should be asking themselves this question.

I met this man’s mother and sister and I feel no hate for them. They are nice church-going people.

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Brandy Fries