Blake Michael Dickus
10 Years Old

February 21, 1996 to July 24, 2006.

On February 21, 1996 Blake Michael Dickus entered the world as the ONLY child of Christina Leanne (Whittemore) Dickus and Stephen Sean Dickus. Blake was conceived in North Carolina where his Daddy was stationed in the Marine Corps but was born in Indianapolis, Indiana upon completion of duty. Mommy and Daddy had their first home built in Franklin, Indiana where we lived for several years until they were divorced. Mommy never remarried but Daddy did. He married Chynna Lynne Anderson. She was also murdered at the same time I was in Dad’s new home. She was a nice step-mom who spoiled me. I grew up with a great big family of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins! We were always doing something with my mom’s family. Grandma watched me while my mom worked. She would watch cartoons with me, laugh at me when I talked like Stitch, and watch me play my Sonic the Hedgehog video games. My Mom always dressed me really cool, my step-mom, Chynna, had to ask her how to fix my hair just right because she didn’t know how to make it look like my Mom did. I was so lucky to have such a loving family—all of them let me come over to play, bought me surprises for no reason, took me to special events, made me feel like I was the most special person in the whole world. My Mom always splurged on me—bought me really nice things because she loved me so much. I was the most important person in the world to her. My Dad and Chynna always made me feel special too. I knew that everyone LOVED ME! I got to ride the bus to school which was so much fun. My favorite subject was math and the very worst was reading—I don’t mind reading about Sonic though. I had a lot of friends at school, especially my twin buddies—they spent the night at myhouse several times. Besides playing video games, I loved to ride my bike or scooter, playing basketball, and go swimming. My Mom always took me, Grandma, Grandpa, and my cousin to Florida every year for vacation. My favorite foods were pizza, macaroni and cheese with catsup on it, and pancakes with syrup and catsup! I was a real picky eater and didn’t really like meat. I always said my prayers before eating and at bedtime. I just loved vacation Bible School—they always had such funny skits, games, food, and most of all the love of Jesus and all my friends. Even though I was only ten years old, I loved God and gave my heart to him. I did not know I would be taken from my Mom and Dad so soon and I didn’t get a chance to say good-by to them. I know they know I Loved Them so much and they were the Best Mom and Dad in the whole world.


On July 24, 2006 Sean Dickus returned home from work to discover the bodies of his ONLY child from a previous marriage, Blake Michael Dickus, 10 years old and his wife, Chynna Lynne Dickus, 26 years. Blake stayed with his Dad for summer break and was to return home to his Mom, Christina Dickus. She had bought movie tickets to see Superman and told Blake to be ready when she picks him up from Grandma’s house. Grandma Carole Whittemore need to buy a freezer and asked Chynna if Blake could stay a little longer because he hated going shopping—especially for a freezer. Chynna said Blake was playing his games and it would be all right to pick him up later. There was no answer when Grandma tried to call on the phone. After a couple tries, she thought Chynna and Blake might be outside. Christina tried to call Chynna, Blake, and Sean-Blake’s Dad but no answer. She frantically drove to Sean’s house to get Blake. When Christina arrived there were police, crime scene tape, and a coroner’s van. Police stopped the hysterical mother, Christina and finally confirmed that her son, Blake and Chynna both had been murdered.

Police have cleared husband and father, Sean Dickus as a suspect.

The Franklin, Indiana Murder Mystery—Who Killed Chynna and Blake Dickus is still an UNSOLVED DOUBLE HOMICIDE. Franklin Police have released a $10,000.00 Reward for information and Crime Stoppers offers a $1,000.00 Reward

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