B. J. Mercer
16 Years Old

November 28, 1983 to May 11, 2000

I know there’s nothing I can say to help how you feel.
And at times like this, it’s hard to see God’s Will.
Without a last word, a hug or even a small fight,
We all know that this is definitely not right.
The future may look dim and unclear at this time,
But know that God will take care of this crime.

With B.J. gone now, things will not be the same,
Life is not easy and it’s sometimes an awful ugly game.
But we have to remember B.J. in good and happy things we’ve shared,
And he knows that you’ve loved him and that you always cared.
So, let us say our good-byes now and send him on his way,
And remember we’ll see him again in Heaven one glorious day.

I know we’ll never forget him but we have to move on,
And know in your heart, he’ll never really be gone.

This is to all who have lost a loved one to murder: God can and will bring you through.
You can be victorious!
And God did take care of this crime.

We miss you everyday, B.J.
We love you…..
Mom, Dad and Lana

Lord, help this family now, for the sorrow we must bear.
Help us come together, for the hurt that we must share.
There’s a lot of love among us, tho sometimes we do stray.
But remembering the good times, can help us thru this day.

We’ve lost a family member but none of us can say,
If it wasn’t for God to love us, any of us could have gone this way.
As we sit in our sorrow, let’s all do try to pray,
That God with all His kindness, will help us thru this day.

In Memory of B.J.

You were only here briefly
Then you were gone from our sight,
But you lived each day to it’s fullest,
‘Cause you were running “toward the light.”

You talked about the fishing trips
Taken with your Dad- -
The “special” moments shared,
And all the fun you had.

Then, there were the camping trips
Going both far and near,
Enjoyed with friends and family,
And a Grandma who was so dear.

You came into our lives
For just a little while- -
We teased you quite a bit,
But you always kept that smile.

You came and went so quickly
And we still don’t understand,
But we were blessed to know you,
It was part of the Masters’ Plan.

All our lives are like the grass
It withers and fades away- -
But if we’re “running toward His Light”
We’ll meet again one day.


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B.J. Mercer