Arthur Jay Emerson

25 Years Old

May 3, 1977 to July 25, 2002

A.J. was the oldest of our four children. He was always very active in sports including football for 4 years, wrestling, weight lifting and baseball. He even played in the Can-America games in Canada. A.J. was an A/B student all the way thru school. Whatever he set out to do he did. He was very good at playing instruments, in 4th grade he became interested and took up playing the violin. Later he enjoyed the French horn and his favorite, the trumpet. A.J. was a very handsome young man, he was a hard worker, installing in-ground sprinklers doing all the digging by hand.

A.J. was a good son, husband and father. A.J. married Mary on April 5, 2002. They shared their lives with a beautiful 2 year old daughter, Julianna. A.J.’s love was so strong for his daughter, she was his whole life. The things I miss the most are, A.J.’s beautiful smile, and every Mother’s Day he brought me flowers to plant outside.


On July 25, 2002, A.J. arrived home from work at about 6PM. He decided to dig out some old bushes so he could make a nice flower bed for his wife in front of the house. He went across to the neighbors to borrow a saw so he could cut out the roots. Upon crossing the street, a car with a young girl and guy ran the yield sign and almost struck A.J. He yelled at them to slow down, upon doing this the car slammed on the brakes and the young girl jumped out and began to argue and spit on A.J. She reached for the saw and A.J. pushed her away. The young girl got back into the car and told A.J. “I’ll be back”.

Within 5 minutes the car returned with five people inside. Two guys and one girl got out of the car. Armondo had the knife and took after A.J. A.J. ran for 2 blocks yelling “help me, help me, he’s got a knife and he’s going to kill me”. No one helped. Upon running, A.J. cut thru a yard and tripped on a child’s pool. While he was getting up on his hands and knees, Aromondo jumped on his back and stabbed him twice thru both lungs. He then rolled A.J. over and repeatedly stabbed him in the heart area, neck and stomach. A.J.’s arms were cut from his wrists to his elbows trying to defend himself. The last stab wound A.J. took was in his face, below his right eye. A.J. died less than an hour later at the hospital. Cause of death; multiple stab wounds, 17 to be exact.

Armondo Bienvides was convicted and sentenced to life without parole. He is currently in prison. Bienvides is a repeat offender.

The other four people involved received nothing.

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Arthur Emerson