Anthony Way-Clemons, Jr.
16 Years Old

October 24, 1989 to May 20, 2006

My name is Kim Way mother of the deceased Anthony Way-Clemons, Jr. My son was murdered at the age of 16 on May 20, 2006 due to an accidental shooting in our home by his 17 year old friend. My son was a junior in high school and scheduled to graduate in May of 2007. My son was not your average 16 year old. He listened to what people had to say but had his own opinion. He was very organized, clean and neat at all times. He had a place for everything in his bedroom. Yes I know this is suprising for most teens especially boys these days. Our communication lines were always open with one another. He wasn’t that crazy about school but maintained a 4.0 GPA and had anticipated on going to college for Media Arts and Broadcasting. His hobbies were roller skating and shooting hoops from time to time. As a child he played all sports with the exception of Lacrosse but he wanted to try out for this to. He was a child model for about five years of his life. He had done commercials, game board covers, fire and safety videos, math textbooks and a billboard for Yale Hospital in New Haven, CT. He was very outgoing for such a young fellow. My son’s favorite food was pizza. He wasn’t a milk drinker but only ate cheese in this form. Some of his childhood toy favorites were the Ninja Turtle, Buzz Light Year and Power Rangers that I can recall. Geesh! He drove me crazy at Christmas time trying to locate these toys. He loved his sister Kamesha they were inseparable and only 21 months apart. If you seen him you seen her and vice versa for the most part. She is the oldest of the two and now 19 years old. This actually happened a week to the day before her high school graduation. A mother’s and siblings love is totally different. The two of them had a different bond than he and I. He also has a half brother named Antoine Keene. Me as a mom anticipates on doing great things in Anthony’s memory in the near future. That’s my mom doing what she does best in honor of me.


My name is Kim Way mother of the deceased Anthony Way-Clemons, Jr. This letter is regarding my son’s murder. My son was shot accidentally in our home at the age of 16 by his 17 year old friend. This took place in Georgia where we reside but we’re originally from Boston, MA. The case has been closed. The name of the offender is Aundrius Frost age 17; he was convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter with 10 years probation. He only served about 4-6 weeks in prison until released on bond. He is a repeat offender not for this type of crime but has a lengthy track record within the judicial system. I know that this message is brief but I just wanted to get to the point.

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