Anthony Patrick Agazio
33 Years Old

April 15, 1963 to January 3, 1997

Anthony (Tony) Patrick Agazio was born April 15, 1963 in Dearborn, Michigan. He lived on Luther Street in Detroit until he was 2 1/2 years old, then moved to Madison Heights, Michigan. He was living with his parents in Madison Heights when he was murdered on January 3, 1997.

Tony attended Lessenger Elementary and Lamphere High School and graduated in 1981. He was in the concert band and played the saxophone well. Tony was a coin collector with many hobbies and interests. He liked gardening and kept a pond in the back yard filled with all kinds of fish and frogs. He was a well-read historian. He enjoyed sports and had a great zest for life. He loved people from all cultures and did not discriminate. He found good in ALL people. Tony was a devout Catholic. He was a meticulous person; well-groomed, green-eyed, blonde with his hair parted on the side, 5’7”, 155 and had a handsome “military” look about him. Tony was “the life of the party” and “the boy next door.”

Tony joined the Air Force Reserves in 1983 and was a combat engineer. He served six years and became a staff sergeant (those were recession years in Michigan). He was based at Selfridge Air Force Base in Mt. Clements, Michigan and was very patriotic. Tony joined the Air National Guard in 1996. He was still in when he died and his case is with the F.B I. in Detroit.

Tony worked at E.D.S. and was a supervisor until being laid-off. He was with Cintis Corporation when he died.

In 1991, Tony married an African-American woman and had a child that same year. She lived in the area where he was shot. They separated in 1994 when he came back to live with his parents. Tony was still living with his parents at the time of his death in 1997. Tony was with his son every minute. His son spent many days and nights with him at his parent’s home. He was there the night they got the call from the hospital about Tony.

Christmas 1996, Tony gave everyone hockey tickets. His son was at the game that night and so were some neighbor friends but Tony was not was as though the tickets were his parting gift to all.

We have tried to teach his son all about his Dad, what he liked to do and what he would have done had he lived.

We miss Tony too much and hope this brings us closer to the day when the criminal pays for the crime.


It was somewhat warm, dark and misty the Friday evening right after New Year’s 1997. There was no snow yet. Tony left his parent’s home at 8:20 PM and was dead shortly thereafter.

Tony had left his parent’s home, where he lived in Madison Heights and went to the corner lounge, where he made several phone calls. He called a cab. The cab driver took him to State Fair and John R. at the corner. Tony walked down State Fair to Annin where he was shot in the back. He ran two blocks to Woodward Avenue. He dropped in front of the “Tiger Lounge,” a notorious bar in the area since gone.

Arabic males in a white car were seen laughing at Tony while he lay dying on the ground. They were not identified.

The case is with Cold Violent Crimes in Detroit Homicide and with the Detroit F.B.I.

The Detroit Police Homicide Section acted like we did the killing or Tony was the killer. They forget who the victims are over there. Many people can tell stories of their murdered loved ones in Detroit. The only time, it appears, that they do anything is if it is in the TV news for a month!

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Anthony Agazio