Annette Lynne Bingham
19 Years Old

December 21, 1977 to April 14, 1997

My daughter was a vibrant and caring type person. She felt her helping someone else was helping herself. She helped her teachers all through school. She was considered a teachers helper. She was the type of student a teacher would be proud to say they had her as a student, as many did after her death. Annette was the type of daughter that made you sit back and think of what was wrong with my daughter, because she would sit in her room and read and read and read. The girl could not get enough to read! When I was going to college, she would pick up my books and go through them, and helped me with my studies. I felt she got bored with what she was learning in her own school studies.

She had a five month old son at the time of her death that she loved and adored. I (mother of Annette) am now raising her young son. When I look at him I see my daughter in him, his actions and the way he goes to sleep really reminds me of her!

When she was small she was way ahead of herself. She walked at a very young age. Like every parent, we knew we had a very special little girl. As time went on she was just as normal as any other child, but we really didn't care about the fact that she may become something really special, because she was a daughter that one could most definitely be proud of! We as mother/daughter were very close. We had the best of times, you would never see one without the other. I really couldn't ask for a better daughter, or closer friend. She loved to go for walks and just talk with me, which today I believe is a very special thing for these days. I only wish I had her here today to share the loss and emptiness I feel because of her death, but I speak with her all the time.

She was 19 years old at the time of her untimely death. She was just starting her life with her child in her new apartment and also had someone in her life which she thought loved her, but needless to say I could not tell her this time he did not love her. It was a time in her life that she thought she knew her heart was telling her the truth, but it was clouded with blind love. There is no one on this earth who was going to tell her he was wrong for her.

I, as close as we were, couldn't even get through that blind love, because of her being so trusting, she died for that. So, when we think we might know it all, that's when it's time to step back and think, is this love or is this an act of some unknown force clouding my thought process?


This case is solved and the murderer is serving his time at 15 years on assault, 23 to life on murder charge. He must spend at least 23 years with good behavior.

My daughter was at a service station. She stopped to call home (her apartment) to tell her murderer that she would be home in about 15 minutes. Her murderer told her that she had 5 minutes to get home. Where she made the call from there was no way she could get home in that amount of time. My daughter arrived home and was ambushed by her murderer. There she would begin to suffer for what I would think to be an eternity. There she would take the beating of her life.

What really bothers me is I never struck my child. Where this guy got off thinking he could beat her without my wrath! My daughter was beat for what I gather to be at least an hour with this man and many, many witnesses. I guess that's also disturbing to me, to think that all these people were watching and only one person came to her rescue. When security arrived, they asked him to leave the scene and go back to his apartment. It just so happened that the security would be the cousin of the murderer, so he thought he could calm the murderer down. With the Security out of the way, there was no defense for my daughter. Security had another problem to take care of and they left her still in the hands of the murderer. By the time they got there, the beating ended up in the bedroom to complete his beating of her.

When the police arrived, they saw him drop his knee into her head from off the bed onto her head while she was lying on the floor. Annette, being only 88 pounds and 5'4", could not defend herself against a 120 pound and 5'11" man. Police finally took him away and she refused to go to the hospital. She was convinced to go and later she would call me to come get her from the hospital, which I couldn't believe that they had even released my daughter. My daughter knew if she could get her boyfriend (murderer) off on assault charges she surely would have. So she walked out of the hospital with no knowledge of having "cerebral swelling". She walked around for two days like that so her boyfriend (murderer) could go free! But little did she know I went to the jail and told him in no uncertain terms would he get out, I would make someone listen to me. This guy cannot go free. This was his fifth arrest for domestic violence. I also left him knowing it wouldn't be my daughter filing the charges, it would be me.

After a couple of days my daughter showed signs of something serious happening with her well-being. She was having severe headaches. There was no CT scan, so therefore the Doctor had no idea she was dying on her feet and still trying to care for her child. Good Bless my baby girl. Annette passed away on April 14, 1997.

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Annette Bingham