Andrew Tan Tai Moore
26 Years Old

April 25, 1974 to September 9, 2000

Andrew Tan Tai Moore, born in Vietnam on April 25, 1974, was adopted by Dick and Rita Moore, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, in November of 1974. He joined a family of two older sisters, Suzanne and Meg. Andy was a bright, happy, active little boy, the delight of all his family. He seemed to smile all the time. When he was growing up, Andy was involved in the typical “boy” activities such as basketball, swimming and little league (he was the team pitcher). He loved playing football in the yard with his dad and he delighted in doing “wheelies” on his bike with his dog, Muffin, running alongside him.

Andy was the spark that brought hilarity to family picnics, dinners and other celebrations. He was always making people laugh with his comments and impromptu actions. We never knew what he would be doing next! Andy made friends easily and always had buddies around. As he grew older, Andy became interested in Tai Kwan Do and went onto earn a Black Belt. He also played the drums. Family fishing trips to Canada were favorite vacations for Andy. After high school, he spent a summer working at Sea World in California. Andy loved California and soon decided he wanted to live there permanently. He moved to San Diego and took a job as a chef in a local restaurant. He enrolled in college there and was a full time student at San Diego City College when he was murdered in September, 2000. He was 26 years old. Andy was working and living in San Diego, California in September, 2000. He was a full-time student at San Diego City College. He was also working as a chef at Maloney’s in the city’s Gaslamp district.


On the evening of September 9, 2000, someone entered Andy’s apartment and murdered him. The San Diego Police department has been unable to identify or apprehend the murderer. The case remains unsolved.

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Andy Moore