Andrew C. Martinez-D. J. Drew
26 Years Old

June 26, 1977 to December 3, 2003

Andrew Martinez was born nine months to the day and time he was to be born. He was ready to be born; so much that when the doctor could see his head and said he was ready, Andrew decided to dance a jig and flipped himself over. The doctor said “Oh no, this is a breach baby.” With a swish, Andrew was born and was screaming as loud as he could scream. He was almost nine pounds, being the biggest baby in the nursery and of course, the loudest.

From that time on, Andrew was very active. He turned-over at three days old, landed on his stomach and he thought it was funny. He always wanted to do and see everything. At four years old, he said he wanted to be a Police Officer. Then he focused from cartoons to sports and for the next 14 years, that was his passion.

Andrew started early with T-ball, wrestling, baseball and basketball. His greater passion was yet to come during the summer before he started ninth grade as he was able to attend football camp in Trinidad, Colorado. He fell in love for the first time. Due to Andrew’s size and weight, he started with high school junior varsity and quickly advanced to playing varsity with the high school team, even though he was in junior high. He played until he graduated in 1995.

During Andrew’s senior year, he was already planning his future. He enlisted in the Air Force. His weight and size did not help him as he was 25 pounds overweight. He could not lose the extra weight and he became disillusioned. At this point, his mother decided he needed to leave his hometown to seek an education or better career.

Andrew moved to Tucson, Arizona and worked every job he found. He understood Spanish but did not fluently speak it. He worked at a Mexican restaurant as a Server which was his first job. He enjoyed it and worked there a few years. When he was asked by his mother how he was able to take orders in Spanish, he replied “Mom, I can speak Spanglish. You kind of use half English and half Spanish.” This “language” is common in northern New Mexico where Andrew was born.

While in junior high, Andrew fell in love for the second time...with music. He “ate” music, “slept” music and lived music. He worked at a music store for albums because he had gotten a set of tables and was learning to scratch; his favorite was Urban House techno music and his neighbors somehow tolerated the noise.

Andrew’s advancement in music and re-mix allowed him to start a CD with a friend. It was unfinished when he was murdered. He had started playing at clubs. The week he was murdered, he was to begin playing at a larger, better-known club.


Andrew was doing errands and getting a haircut the morning Destiny chose his death.

Andrew’s roommate brought home a friend. They picked-up Andrew to take the friend to claim money someone owed him.

According to the killer, they arrived at his residence and gave him the name of the man the friend was trying to find. The killer stated he told them they had the wrong address. A fight ensued between the friend and the killer in the driveway.

Andrew’s friends and family “always came first.” Andrew went to help the friend.

The killer testified in court “I thought I saw a bulge on the side under his sweatshirt and I thought it was a gun, so I shot him.” It was never proven that Andrew had a gun.

Andrew was shot on top of the head while he was on the ground, according to the medical examiner. A fatal wound, instant death, he did not was like getting hit on the head with a skillet. However, his body was found 62 feet away on the street in a pool of blood and gun placed in front of him.

The medical examiner was asked how Andrew’s body got from the house parking lot to the middle of the street. She said he was shot and ran 62 feet. Some people can do that after a fatal wound.

The killer also shot the friend three times, shot at the windshield of the truck where the roommate was and shot both sides of the truck before shooting around the neighborhood. He shot into the neighbor’s mobile home where a female had been sleeping earlier. She could have been his third victim.

The killer emptied his 9MM and was going to reload after the truck had driven away, taking the shot friend to the hospital.

Due to poor Police investigation and poor Attorney decisions, the killer was never arrested.

Andrew’s roommate, who waited inside the truck they were in, was charged with Two Counts of Homicide and Attempted Armed Robbery, according to Arizona Felony Law. He spent two months in jail and was given a million dollar bond, later reduced to $15,000. He was found not guilty of either charge.

On May 31st, 2005, a year and a half after Andrew was murdered, the killer walked-free from the courtroom. The roommate was acquitted after only two hours of jury deliberation.

The dead cannot speak...Andrew died trying to help his friends and was left to die on the street with no friends or family.

At the age of 23, Andrew remarked that he felt he was getting old and would not be able to teach his son to play football. A few months later, he happily told his family he was going to be a father. That is the only dream that came true.

Andrew was given 26 years of life and it took one second for a non-citizen to take it away.

Andrew was known for his big hugs, big smile and a friend to everyone and that is what caused him his death. The Police said he was at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people...

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Andrew Martinez