Shannon Marie & Alexandra Jordan Nolan-Broe
24 Years Old & Unborn Child

July 29, 1977 to September 7, 2001.

“There are places in the heart that are reserved for those too special to forget...Shannon Marie & Alexandra Jordan are two of those very special people.”

The world as most of you knew it was forever changed on September 11, 2001. But for the family and friends of our daughter, Shannon Marie Nolan-Broe and our unborn granddaughter Alexandra Jordan September 7, 2001, was the day the earth stood still.

Shannon and Alexandra became “police statistics’, victims of domestic violence, victims of homicide. There lives were taken by the ultimate act of betrayal., by someone they loved. John Broe, Shannon’s husband and Alexandra’s father, carried out a slow, methodical, and violent end to our children’s lives. He became the executioner.

Everyone remembers Shannon for her beautiful smile and her love and loyalty to her family and her friends. She loved the game of volleyball and was committed to the principles of teamwork. It was said about Shannon that she loved her family and friends first and then her passion was geared towards volleyball. She skillfully excelled and played for several years in elementary and high school, as well as junior Olympic games in Chicago. Shannon had a welcoming spirit and an unassuming way of adopting others into her family circle. Her warm and caring manner was always a source of quiet, yet reassuring support she gave whenever needed. Her last job as a clerk at the retirement village is yet another example of her sense of caring, giving, and sharing. A volleyball scholarship fund in her memory at the nativity school where she coached, was established after her death. Shannon’s spirit lives in the hearts of many volleyball players who have gained from her knowledge and love for the game. She attended Walnut Hills High School (grades 7-12) where she met John Broe, she was 14—he was 15. She then attended University of Cincinnati (3 yrs) hoping for a degree in sports medicine.

“Our family is a circle of strength and love, with every birth and every union the circle grows, every joy adds more love. Every crisis faced makes the circle stronger.”

We will love and miss you forever and always, Shannon and Alexandra
Mom, Dad, Nick, Brandy, Caitlyn, Titi, Bill, Grandma, Nelson, Bebe, Don, and an
abundance of family and friends


On the morning of September 7, 2001, John Broe beat a defenseless 24 year old Shannon with a baseball bat. He then carried her lifeless body with Alexandra still in her womb, placed them in a clothing tote and drove them to a secluded area off of I-71 in Cincinnati, Ohio, to be left there until he returned to bury them in a shallow grave. They were not found until September 10, 2001. After approximately 100 family-friends-strangers and professionals searched for them frantically.

Thirty days after the murders we were informed that John Broe also had an 18 year old girlfriend who was also pregnant by him. He told police that she was in Shannon’s home that night yet she has not been charged with any crime to the family’s dismay.

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