Adrian William Parlette
23 Years Old

October 27, 1979 to June 5, 2003

Adrian William Parlette was born October 27, 1979. He was my first born, and of course, the most beautiful baby. He had a head full of black hair, was 8.34 lbs and big brown eyes. The first thing the doctor said when he was born, before I saw him, was “one day Earl Bruce (OSU coach) will want him.” Adrian did grow up loving football and playing the sport. His favorite college team was of course, OSU, and his favorite pro team was the Raiders. He played football in middle and high school. When Adrian was three years old he got a sibling, a sister named Amanda. They were very close growing up. Adrian was his sister’s protector. She misses him very much.

Adrian had a love for music. He wrote music and performed with the group 7th Sign. He would carry a notebook with him and when the inspiration came to him, he would write. He had the opportunity to travel over states in the US., performing in front of audiences. All of it was taken from him too early. I am so glad he had a chance of composing and performing. Adrian’s most joy however, was his twin daughters. I know if he could answer, “What was your most important accomplishment?” He would have answered, “My children.” He was so happy to call me over the phone and ask me “How do you like being called grandma?” He was doubly happy to find out he was to be father of twins. Adrian and Natalie didn’t know what to name the twins until Adrian had a dream one night. The first born was named Adreanna and her sister, Isabella. Adrian was a wonderful father. His children were four years old when their daddy was taken from them. I try my best to tell them all about their daddy, but they wish that he was here to tell them.

This memorial is dedicated to my son, Adrian Parlette. You are forever missed and always loved.
From Mom, Amanda, Grandma Joann, Grandpa Howard, Natalie, Adreanna, Isabella, Natalie, cousins, nephews, nieces and many friends.


The night before the murder of my son, he had spent the evening with a friend of his, my son was showing him his children’s baby book and discussing his children. His friend went home

and approximately somewhere between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. he was murdered. His two close friends found him June 5, 2003 at 6:30 laying in a pool of blood. My son had been shot four times in the chest and once in the head. Detectives stated he died instantly. I’ve never been able to read the coroner’s report. The next morning a female, first name Gwen, was stopped for a traffic ticket, and had some of the things in her car that made the police question her, related to my son’s death. After four different interrogations, she stated she was in the car at the time with her boyfriend, Wendall, when his friend, “Dino” went into my son’s home for robbery and ended up murdering him. “Dino” used my son’s cell phone after murdering him, the police has that phone call. The prosecutor on the case at the time did not feel there was enough evidence for a conviction. A new prosecutor is currently reviewing the case to see if she feels she can get a conviction for the case.

Gwen and Wendall’s whereabouts are unknown. Dino has committed two felonies at gunpoint since he murdered my son. He is in a Ohio prison serving seven years for those crimes. Full names were not used since no arrest were made.

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Adrian Parlette